Vegetables and fruits

It is very important to monitor temperature and humidity when storing vegetables or fruits. Thanks to devices and the system developed by "Eltrum Systems", to maintain high quality products will be easy from now.

You will be able to monitor humidity and temperature of the storage on your mobile, and take immediate action whenever conditions change. We can certify our devices with metrological verification, if it's required. The system automatically records all humidity and temperature changes, and can generate a report for selected period of time. This can be very useful when communicating with authorities responsible for product quality.

Compost and humus

Storing and processing of compost are defined by laws of EU or specific laws in each country.

You will be able to present generated reports by the system to veterinary and environmental protection institutions. Reports will serve as confirmation that the compost has been stored in accordance with the legal requirements, and that processing and pasteurisation have been carried out properly.

You will no longer have to climb on compost piles, fill in the temperature measurement log. The system will constantly monitor compost temperature for you, and the data will be available on your computer or mobile phone.

We have adapted our equipment for compost so that the system can measure the temperature more often than every hour. You can select: 30, 15, 10, 5 and 1 minute intervals now. We can provide metrological verification for each device if required.


Responsible maintenance of stored hay will not only ensure its quality, but also prevent a possible disaster. Due to fermentation in fresh hay, especially during the first months of storing, the temperature can rise to critical levels in a single day.

We have been approached by a number of farmers already, who either themselves or their relatives have suffered huge losses in events of fire due to unsupervised hay.

With the help of our system, you will be able to monitor the temperature in hay without leaving your house. The system will monitor the situation around the clock, will immediately notify of the imminent danger and will help to prevent a disaster.


With the help of equipment developed by "Eltrum Systems", you will be able to monitor the soil and air temperature in the greenhouses on your mobile phone. For greenhouses we've also developed humidity measuring devices.

The system will help you to react faster to environmental changes, it will be easier to maintain the right conditions for your plants, thus the harvest will be richer and of a better quality.

We also provide ability to remotely control ventilation and heating systems if they are powered by electricity. By monitoring the situation in greenhouses, you will be able to remotely control any of them. These actions can be specified and performed automatically by the system depending on the current humidity or temperature.